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Ricasa sentenced, Sandoval ple guilty EOPS director dodges prison term, gets fine and three years probation. He argued for leniency and said the college had "demoted" her.

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College officials deny Ricasa has been demoted. Though prison is a possibility, a district attorney said he doubted Sandoval would be incarcerated. Ricasa originally faced 33 criminal charges, including 16 felonies in the South Bay Corruption Case.

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She has not been fired, she has been demoted from an administrative spot to a staff position. He then said Solomita wrote a letter confirming that Ricasa had been demoted from another position.

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Solomita denied writing any such letter. Bloom or the court a letter stating Ms. Ricasa is the director of EOPS and has not been demoted. It had several letters from family members and supporters requesting leniency.

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Greg Sandoval, former interim president of Southwestern College and a former Sweetwater Union High School District trustee, pleaded guilty to one felony count and one misdemeanor for his role in the South Bay Corruption Case. He was originally indicted on 34 counts, including perjury, filing false instrument, accepting bribes and wrongful influence by public official.

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Sandoval accepted gifts for dinners, sporting events tickets and hotel rooms, according to a thick San Diego County District Attorney affidavit. He appeared in court alongside Jesus Gandara, the former superintendent of the Sweetwater District. Gandara also pleaded guilty to one felony count. Sandoval was immediately placed on paid administrative leave from his position of vice president of student services at Moreno Valley College.

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Sandoval could face three years in prison, but a district attorney said that was unlikely. Sandoval worked at SWC for 32 years before reing after he was charged with sexual harassment by a female subordinate. He was later cleared of the charges and asked to be reinstated, but the college, led at the time by Raj K. Chopra, refused. Chopra also pleaded guilty in the corruption case.

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A vocal group of Southwestern College educators have said applications to UCSD should come with a disclaimer— local students need not apply. SWC acceptances are down by nearly half. This marks another year of a decade-long trend of fewer transfers.

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Pradeet Khosla attended a town hall meeting with SWC administrators and faculty recently and. SWC had a one-year drop of 44 percent, the 10th straight year in decline.

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Both universities have recently built expensive new dormitories and other forms of student housing. I think we should be offering a more affordable alternative for our community.


No fees! Education should be free! Michael Greenberg, a student at Santa Monica Community College, said students should not be shut out of the college by the costs. Morse shared a story about a student who was an English learner and homeless.

After considerable perseverance, the student earned a full-ride scholarship to Berkeley.

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No one is going to represent you better than you represent yourselves. And the worst may be yet to come. As reservoirs up and down the state dry out and crack like a broken windshield, Southwestern College is bracing for a desiccated New construction projects will include superior de and technology, he said, such as low-flow and automated fixtures.

Existing buildings are in the process of replacing outdated plumbing devices with more efficient water-saving alternatives. Landscaping and grounds personnel have modified irrigation techniques to manage water and minimize waste, Brown said. Chula Vista City Councilwoman Mary Salas said the state water shortage is past emergency and is now a full-on disaster. This is unprecedented.

Both are drying up.

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San Diego may not get a drop of water from the California Department of Water Resources this year, she added Jose Preciado, a trustee of the South Bay Irrigation District, said San Diego County has been cut back before, most recently in the early s. It was only three years ago that a federal accreditation agency had its hands around the throat of Southwestern College, threatening to close it down.

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SWC received a stay of execution after a reformist board majority took control in and swept out the corrupt Raj K. Chopra administration. Today, like a hard-to-kill zombie, the accreditation agency is back. Rebecca Wolniewicz said the college should be in good shape this time around.

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Visiting accreditors will look at myriad of criteria, including quality of administration, instruction, campus climate and service to the community. To begin the six-year accreditation cycle, the college must conduct a self-evaluation. A midterm report is provided to ACCJC three years into the cycle, along with yearly reports and special reports that could be requested at any time.

To remain accredited, a college must meet ACCJC eligibility requirements related to effectiveness, learning services, resources for students and school leadership.

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All were fired or reed after the elections, though many Chopra appointees remain. Humberto Peraza is hoping the stakes in the ground in the notorious corner lot are a stake in the heart of the corruption that has plagued the jinxed chunk of empty land for nearly 15 years. A Kafkaesque chain of events that have led to a dozen years of turmoil, criminal behavior, prosecutions, churning leadership and delayed construction have left the community bewildered and angry.

The corner of East H Street and Otay Lakes Road has swallowed dozens of administrators and board members, as well as tens of millions of tax dollars. Peraza said a new epoch is dawning. My answer to that is no. We needed to redo our master plan to update it. All nine pleaded guilty to corruption related crimes, though none received prison time. The wellness center will be built on the west side of.


DeVore Stadium and includes two new swimming pools and an expanded gym complex. Peraza said a plaza will be built between the wellness center and the performing arts center as a means to attract and welcome members of the community. Some plans are still in flux, including a possible culinary arts facility. A new math and science complex will go in the space that is currently the pool and gym.

Do you like this idea of having a wellness center here? Do you like the idea of a performing arts center? We got a lot of input back on that.

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Reformist trustee Norma Hernandez said she is pleased with the development so far. Bloom did not return phone calls seeking follow-up about the letter he cited in court. Two of remaining trustees still face criminal charges. A poll by The Sun in February showed that the community was aware of the Ricasa case and a solid majority said she should be terminated.

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Respondents, by a margin of 82 percent to 5 percent, indicated that they favored the college parting ways with Ricasa. Fifteen percent said they were undecided. Ricasa has refused opportunities to comment.

Cazares said the entire South County would suffer. If local students are not getting the education needed to become productive and employable members of society, it could bring down the local economy and quality of living, she said. Under-represented students would also be without access to higher education.

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It was replaced with University Link, which awards access based on the same regional preferences not allowed for the TAG program. California colleges and universities were hit hard by the Great Recession, said Cazares.

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College officials denied that. Blocking access for local students is a concern for the entire San Diego region, he said. When the local area loses more than applicants and UCSD increases enrollment from Los Angeles byit makes you wonder where the focus is, said Peraza. Peraza said he hopes UCSD is not placing revenue generation above the education of regional students. Financial aid fuels Southwestern College. Said differently, this campus would be a profoundly different place without it.

About 75 percent of SWC students receive some form of financial aid. Applications are processed on a first-come, firstserved basis, she said. Most impressive, perhaps, is that most SWC students report that they are very happy with the service they receive from college financial aid staff, despite some bumps and bruises along they way.

Recent changes to financial aid disbursement are an effort to make the process even smoother, she said. Department of Education figures.


More than 14 million students receive federal student aid every year, which is only 12 percent of those who are eligible. Larkin said it is important that students understand the application process and timelines. Students intending to enroll in summer classes should have a BOGW in place before the summer, she said.

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