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If the part number that you wish for is not in our listing you may send an inquiry via email or through our contact formнайти RC0805FR-0747KL

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125W - RC0805FR-0747KL, PK: Buy Yageo 47kΩ 0805 (2012M) Thick Film SMD Resistor ±1% 0RC0805FR-07182RL RC0805FR-07187KL RC0805FR-07187RL RC0805FR-0718K2L原装进口,正品保证,低价保障,快速配送Yageo美中吉,深圳市美中吉电子有限公司,深圳市美中吉电子有限公司专业经销NICHICON (尼吉康)、MURATA (村田)、Molex (莫莱克斯)、Mill-Max 、MICROCHIP 、MEC SWITCHES 、Mean Well(明纬) 、Maxim (美信)、KEM Наименование rc0805fr-071rl rc0805fr-073k3l rc0805fr-0710rl rc0805fr-0722rl rc0805fr-0749r9l rc0805fr-07120rl rc0805fr-07200rl rc0805fr-07220rl rc0805fr-07300rl rc0805fr-07330rl rc0805fr-07390rl rc0805fr-07470rl rc0805fr-07510rl rc0805fr-07620rl rc0805fr-071kl rc0805fr-071k1l rc0805fr-071k5l rc0805fr-072kl rc0805fr-072k2l rc0805fr-072k4l rc0805fr-072k7l rc0805fr-073kl rc0805fr13125000000000001 10 2 0

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